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f_mirror is a 32 bit command line utility that will mirror (clone) an entire directory tree. It is useful for creating backup copies, or distribution copies of directories or directory trees. It works across mapped drives and UNC paths. Typical usage looks like this:

f_mirror [options] s:\path\ d:\path\

f_mirror works by comparing the date, time and size of files in the source path (represented by s:\path\) to the files in the destination path (represented by d:\path\). If the files are different (newer or older, larger or smaller) they are copied from the source to the destination. Files that are missing from the destination path are also copied from the source path. Files in the destination path that are not in the source path are deleted.

The basic functionality of f_mirror can be altered by command line options. Valid command line options are:

  • /dnd - Do Not Delete. This option will cause f_mirror to skip the process of deleting destination files that are not in the source.
  • /vo - View Only. This option will cause f_mirrordo a "dry run". No files will be copied or deleted, it will just show the actions it would take.
  • /xp=\path\path\path\... - eXclude Paths. f_mirror will not process any subdirectories that are specified by this option. This option does not affect files in a directory.

I use f_mirror to make backup copies of directory structures and to publish web sites. You are only limited by your creativity. See what you can come up with? If you find an interesting use I like to hear about it.

If you have read, and agree with my simple license agreement you may click here to download f_mirror.exe (397 KB).

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