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FJH Consulting provides consulting services to help you design a computing environment that meets your computing needs. We consider the size of your company, how you work and what you want to achieve. Then we design an infrastructure that meets your needs. We emphasize the need for backups, anti-virus protection, basic network and data security.

FJH Consulting is a pure consultancy, in that we do not sell, or receive commissions on any of the products we recommend. This means that our recommendations are based on what is best for you and are not biased by the desire or need to sell "my" products. The product of FJH Consulting is our service, and our satisfied customers.


FJH Consulting provides on site specialized training. We can provide customized training for your environment, general PC training, or refer you to other training facilities.


FJH Consulting provides custom programming services, from small utilities and reports, to complete custom applications. Wether it is a small specialized utility, middle ware, or a comprehensive business application we can handle it. We have experience in PC/Windows programming, Unix/Linux programming and web base application development.


FJH Consulting has extensive experience with wired and wireless networks. We can set up a small network with a few computers at one location, or between hundreds of computers at locations all across the country. As a civilian contractor to the US Navy Reserves, our founder, Fred Hebert, helped to design and implement a comprehensive network with more than 11,000 nodes at 45 locations around the nation. This network had to meet the strict security and reliability requirements of the US Government.


FJH Consulting can design and maintain your web site. Whether you have a simple advertising/informational web page, private intranet site or a complete e-commerce web site FJH Consulting can meet your needs.


FJH Consulting provides on site technical support.


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